Restaurant Sv. Sofija

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Оur story began in 1988, as a family business of the Ohrid family Pendovi. Over the years the restaurant “St. Sofia” grew, upgraded and increased its capacity and staff, reaching standards that are a benchmark for quality. Location & Capacity Located between the cobbled streets, which still encompass the echo of the army of Emperor Samuil, who in the X century in Ohrid built a fortress where he found his peace between the battles in which he defeated the Balkans, defying the mighty Byzantium, the restaurant Sv. Sofia is a great place for all the delicacies with refined taste. It is famous for fish specialties and exceptionally rich wine card with the highest quality wines from the Macedonian region. The capacity of the restaurant, which fits perfectly into the historic ambiance of the old town, is about 100 seats. In addition, there is also an open summer terrace. The restaurant “St. Sofia” is an ideal place to enjoy with friends or family, for business meetings and intimate celebrations. Tradition The restaurant “St. Sofia” is a faithful guardian of the tradition. Being here for the celebration of Vodici – Epiphany is a special experience. From this place began the renewal of the famous Ohrid tradition for this holiday which has grown into a great manifestation that is known today not only in Macedonia, but also in the whole world. To be at the restaurant “St. Sofia” is not only a culture of living, but also a privilege. Relax your feelings and enjoy the authentic spirit of Ohrid.

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In the heart of the ancient Lychnidos built by the mythical hero Kadmo and his beloved Harmony more than seven millennia ago, near the cathedral church of St. Sofia, former headquarters of the famous Ohrid Archbishopric, is the restaurant “St. Sofia”. A place with a soul that tells the story of the city for three decades, keeping the beautiful memories of numerous guests who come here to enjoy the unique ambiance and the wonderful atmosphere, complemented with the sounds of Macedonian folk music and top service.