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I started doing macrame when the pandemic started. Sitting with all the homework and work (I work as a high school music teacher and at the same time teaching was online), started to cause me the most stress and anxiety and I was looking for something at home that I could express and express my creativity. So I came across videos on Youtube about making different macrame decorations and decided to give it a try. After several unsuccessful attempts, my creations started to look more and more beautiful and so my story started. To create something new and new every day, and that not only radiated me and filled me with positive energy, but every newly made product gave me great pleasure. When it comes to my products being good to offer and sell, I also created my Instagram page Why_Knot_Macrame_Design and started advertising them there. I can say that from the beginning 2 years ago until today, my products adorn over 100 homes, make them the style of a large number of girls and women with and that really gives me a lot of inspiration to create further.

I make home decorations in boho style, wreaths, bags, jewelry, flower holders and more.

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Macrame design and accessories. Handmade macrame jewеlery, purses, keychains, wall decoration plant hangers and much, much more. Choose your own design, style, color and accesсory. Well...