St. John the Theologian- Kaneo

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Located on the southwestern side of the hill above Lake Ohrid is the church dedicated to St. John the Theologian - Kaneo.

The church which was consecrated at the end of the 13th century was built on a rectangular stone base. Its exterior is decorated with ceramic decorative sculptures and stone carvings

The walls are brick, stone with ceramic decorations. It contains only some fragments of fresco, in particular: the Communion of the Apostles and the portraits of St. Clement. There are only a few frescoes left inside, but the feeling of standing in a centuries-old sanctuary is worth the entrance. The donor and the icon-painter of the church are unknown.

The church is positioned on the edge where the land goes the deepest in the lake and It may be reached only on foot.Today, many visitors are coming to light a candle and pray for their beloved ones to get married in this small church devoted to Saint John the Theologian. Also  During summer evenings, it is common to hold poetry readings.

Being as it is - an extraordinarily unique construction - St. Kaneo is indeed one of the most beautiful churches in Macedonia as well as in the whole Balkan region.


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The church is a testimony to the building skills of the masters of that time, who survived through the centuries. Located in the most picturesque part of Ohrid, it takes your breath away with every visit.