Hotel Tino & Spa Ohrid



The story of Hotel Tino begins back in 2000 when the hotel owners returned from Germany, where they owned a restaurant. The love story of this couple, Valentin and Francesca Vincenzi Markulevski, has actually begun there.

They eventually decided to come to Macedonia and resume the business in the homeland of the husband, while his wife Francesca is Italian, born in Calabria, Italy.

They commenced their work in 2000, starting with a family house ,several apartments and a restaurant.

Yes, their strong impulse and enthusiasm have eventually led to the incessant expansion of the business. The two of them, along with their three sons and their families, wives and children, worked hard on the efficient management of the hotel, and thus ensured the favorable outcome of the family business.

An essential part of this story of triumph is the addition of 2 apartments, the enlarged capacity of 29 rooms, the annex building with 23 rooms, and a modern spa center.

The aspiration for success, long and diligent work, fantastic location, the hoteliers' devotion to the entire operation of the hotel, the delicious Macedonian, international, as well as Italian cuisine prepared by the skilled hands of the landlady Francesca, have all contributed to the creation of a unique brand in the hotel industry, in our country and abroad.