Church of Holy Mary Perybleptos

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Church of  Holy Mary Perybleptos 13th c.

The church was built and painted in 1295. It is dedicated to Virgin Mary,  concurrently one of the most beautiful, above all for its frescoes. The church was painted by Michael and Eutychius. The frescoes they painted have all the elements of Renaissance art except perspective.

When the Turks converted the church St. Clement into a mosque, his remains were first moved to the small church of St. Clement, and later on to the church St. Bogorodica Perivlepta, after which the people simply renamed the church into St. Clement.

When the biggest church in Ohrid, St. Sophia, was transferred to a mosque, St. Holy Mother Perivleptos became synod Ohrid Archbishop. Worth mentioning are the Litian icons, one of which is valued as a masterpiece from the 18th century. It presents "Holy Mother of God with Jesus Christ" on one side, and "Christ's crucifixion" on the other.

The icons were supposed to be "miraculous" because the inhabitants believed that the city protector could defend the city from the events that happened in Ohrid at that time.

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